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These books are a trip into the  haunted history of the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry...To read the Legends is like a visit with ghosts...






Anne Bonny, Charleston's infamous pirate, certainly walked in the Lowcountry air before she turned buccaneer and was sentenced to death.


But did she hang for her crimes?


The answer to that debated historical mystery is what Samantha Wardlaw and Regan Abbot seek as they follow Anne's ghost through the Golden Age of Piracy. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that there was far more to Anne Bonny than her death. One thing is certain, neither Samantha nor Regan will ever be the same.








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2014 by Mary Elizabeth Reynolds

Memories of a Medieval Witch

Two modern women, Eleanor Jordan and Margery Cobham, born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, have lived their entire lives with an eye toward the dying embers of medieval England. It seems to be fate's design that they repeat the mistakes of a murdered prince, an exiled duchess, and a burned witch. Yet, it appears, the fate has woken and decided that justice and love can live again, 700 years after it died.

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