THE LowCountry Legends series

Diary of a Ghost


This first Lowcountry tale begins with the Samantha Wardlaw, wrestling with demons as she coaxes her latest book from the ghost of a tortured Union soldier. This effort will lead the ghost and the girl along a path of discovery as he takes her into the past and she witnesses the horror of the war and the pain of regrets. This journey requires them to uncover the secrets of their souls before it is to late.

This story is based on the Civil War diaries of Eugene Forbes.


Volume One of LowCountry Legends

Magic Man

Charleston, South Carolina is a magical city, but within its mystical boundaries a killer lurks. Even before murder darkened Celeste Hartley’s world, her lifestyle of scholarly gentility was on steady decline. Her mentor’s death forces her to reexamine her life and loves. The journey leads her deeper into the murky antiquarian business that is her legacy. On the surface it’s familiar, but she finds infidelity, betrayal, greed, and secrets so deep they can destroy her. The historical maze has a seductive call determined to thwart her efforts to find the murderer and the key that will free her forever from the Magic Man.


Volume Two of LowCountry Legends

The Lorelei of Willow Winds

Willow Winds is one of the two remaining pre-revolutionary plantations still standing on the Ashley River outside of Charleston, SC. Its vast acreage is controlled by Wardlaw relatives. Of course its quite haunted, inside and out. That’s not too unusual considering its multiple centuries on the spot, but Willow Winds has a unique manifestation of the supernatural–a Lorelei. The ancient muse has been luring river people into her depths for generations. The Lorelei’s body count has started rise and Samantha Wardlaw has journeyed to the plantation to unravel the spirit’s secrets and her own.


Volume Three of LowCountry Legends

Murdering Ghosts


Amidst the trailing moss and blooming azaleas, a serial killer stalks Charleston, South Carolina. The city’s unique world has spawned a rare murderer, the kind that leaves behind nothing that a CSI team can follow. Instead, or perhaps, because this is a historical city, the killer leaves behind one clue with each victim, a small artifact. These objects are touchstones of the dead – haunted by their owners. These ghosts link to a great conjurer from the Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina—the birthplace of Gullah, a Creole culture born of slavery and nurtured by the memories of the Old South.  Native historians, Celeste and Regan chase the trail of the objects while Detective Sangster tracks the killer. Yet it is the ghosts that follow visiting psychic, Dawson Dudley, that reveal the sins of the past that created a present day killer that must be stopped.

Volume Four of LowCountry Legends


Lowcountry sorcerer, Julianna Riley, barely escapes death on the evening of the summer solstice while many of her coven plunges to their deaths. Instinctively, she tries to retreat o her Wadmalaw Island home off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Ensconced in her sanctuary, she’s unaware of a series of murders across the country, until one of them strikes her family. Julianna and her childhood friend, Michael begin a journey of grief that quickly becomes a quest for the ancient sources of witchcraft. The search leads them through Lowcountry tides that sweep them backwards into medieval Europe. As the seas toss them with waves of loss, Julianna must swim or drown in an ocean of accusation from the remains of the coven and the FBI.


Volume Five of LowCountry Legends

Memories of a Medieval Witch

Two modern women, Eleanor Jordan and Margery Cobham, born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, have lived their entire lives with an eye toward the dying embers of medieval England. For twenty years, the women have tried to love but are always ensnared by events that happened before the discovery of America. It seems to be fate's design that they repeat the mistakes of a murdered prince, an exiled duchess, and a burned witch.

Yet, it appears, fate has woken and decided that justice and love can live again, 700 years after it died.With the men that they love, Margery and Eleanor wander the castles and monasteries of the fifteenth century with the ghosts and memories of a forgotten time, trying to redeem themselves for history and even Shakespeare’s muse. Can the four of them, with a little alchemical and paranormal help escape the destinies of the unfortunate souls guiding them back in time?

Volume Six of LowCountry Legends

The Buccaneer's Noose

Anne Bonny, Charleston's infamous pirate, certainly walked in the Lowcountry air before she turned buccaneer and was sentenced to death.
But did she hang for her crimes?
The answer to that debated historical mystery is what Samantha Wardlaw and Regan Abbot seek as they follow Anne's ghost through the Golden Age of Piracy. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that there was far more to Anne Bonny than her death. One thing is certain, neither Samantha nor Regan will ever be the same.


Volume Seven of LowCountry Legends


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2014 by Mary Elizabeth Reynolds